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Driving While Intoxicated Attorneys in Los Angeles

Charged with a DUI you are not guilty of?

Just because you were arrested for DUI, does not mean you are guilty. At Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP, we will examine all the circumstances of your DUI arrest, investigate the evidence against you, and present an appropriate defense based on the specific facts of your case. At our firm, you will be represented by a former deputy district attorney who knows the rules of evidence and the law. After handling DUI cases for many years throughout Southern California, we know how the courts operate and how police officers make the decision to arrest someone on a charge.

Some of the questions that we will ask regarding your case include the following:

  • Was there probable cause to stop you? Why did the officer pull you over? Were you weaving in traffic, driving too fast or slow, or were you involved in an accident?
  • Did you “fail” the FST? Did the officer give you field sobriety tests? How you performed on the tests could be influenced by your nervousness, a physical condition unrelated to alcohol, a reaction to prescription medicine, or even the uneven ground where you took the tests or your arresting officer may not have been well trained in interpreting the tests.
  • Was your blood alcohol level over .08% or above? Blood alcohol content (BAC) tests are not always accurate. Our attorneys routinely investigate the machine maintenance and calibration records to see if they are even accurate. We also check radio logs to make sure the officer observed you for at least 15 minutes before giving the test. If a blood test was administered, we ask for a split sample so that an independent lab can test the sample.

Aggressive DUI defense for Southern California

Just because you were arrested for DUI, does not mean you are guilty or that the prosecutor will be even able to prove a case against you! There are many technicalities and hurdles for the prosecution in a driving under the influence case. Your Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP attorney can examine every aspect of the case and protect your rights. Will you be asking yourself years from now, “Why didn’t I try to beat that DUI?” Don’t make this mistake! For legal guidance and aggressive defense that you can rely on, seek out the representation of our firm as quickly as you can.


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